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King’s Camo: Desert Shadow


This 100% silk Charmeuse wild rag is a soft, elegant fabric with a shiny side (face) and a dull back. This very popular fabric has a firm, soft, supple feel (hand) and a beautiful drape making it perfect for our finest wild rags.

This is one of the official  King’s Camo pattern: Desert Shadow. 

King’s Camo patterns are highly realistic camouflage patterns to match any condition or terrain.  Available patterns are Desert Shadow, Mountain Shadow, Field Shadow, Woodland Shadow, Snow Shadow, and Pink Shadow along with Blaze Orange.  Each wild rag is 100% silk charmeuse SEWN IN AMERICA and is certain to keep you warm and cozy on those really cold days. Each wild rag is available in a variety of sizes.


Roy Rogers, 22"x22", 36"x36", 44"x44"